Pardon This Slight Delay…..

The last couple of weeks have brought a series of frustrating events, starting with my computer melting down.  Or crashing – I’m not tech savvy and don’t know the exact words to describe the situation.  One evening everything was fine; the next morning I turned the thing on and saw a blue screen filled with cryptic letters, at the end of which were the ominous words, ‘your computer is screwed’.  At least that’s what I remember; I was rushing to turn it off before the damage was complete and may not have read the screen clearly.

There followed several weeks of unrewarding interactions with Best Buy. Their Geek Squad confirmed that the hard drive was toast and told me to call the manufacturer for something called a ‘restore disk’.  The disk arrived promptly but the Geeks couldn’t get it to work, so they set the computer aside and waited for me to call.  I, of course, was waiting for them to call.  Eventually we all got together on the same page.  Unfortunately it was a page on which my computer was still toast and the resident Geeks had no idea why the usual fixes wouldn’t work.  A lack of communication resulted in my returning to the store three times to pick up the computer (having been alerted by an automatic system that all was ready, which it was not).  My disposition was not improved by each successive fifteen mile trip on Florida’s notorious I-95, where every hour is rush hour.


Finally the store and I brought the sordid proceedings to a close, mostly out of mutual exhaustion.  I ended up with a new hard drive, Word system, and external backup system, along with a refund of all labor charges (about $300 when all was said and done).  The store ended up with the promise that they will never see me again.

One thought on “Pardon This Slight Delay…..

  1. Sandra Clark April 5, 2015 at 7:31 am Reply

    You are back on track and hope you did not lose any data!

    Sent from my iPad



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